Sarah Dowell

Sarah graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.M. in violin performance from Grand Valley State University. At GVSU, Sarah studied classical music under the leadership of Gregory Maytan (graduate of the Jacobs School of Music) and Megan Crawford.
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Steve Dowell

Steve has been a guitarist just short of his entire life.  Influenced by many music styles and guitarists during that time, his musical ear remains piqued for sensing and creating special and unique musical expressions he can infuse into the sound art he paints with his guitar.
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Living By The Stream®

Blasting through the boundaries of genre Living By The Stream® creates a new and unique musical style entirely its own by harnessing the tones of violin, guitar, and vocals into a colorful amalgam of sound imbued with joy and wonder.

Having a broad musical background, the duo twists together hints of Celtic, bluegrass, rock, and pop with shades of jazz, folk, and classical. “Quirky,” “thoughtful,” “fun,” “deep,” “joyful,” “exciting,” and “family-friendly” are just a few of the descriptors that stamp the group. Though many have tried to peg the duo’s genre and give it a title, in the end everyone comes to the same conclusion – Living By The Stream® is the genre.

The duo first started its musical journey in the early 2000’s when father and daughter stepped onto a stage at the Michigan State Fair. From there, the family team hit the ground running. Performing around the local community at churches, cafes, concert series, festivals, and more, it was soon evident that Steve and Sarah were sharing more than just their music – they were in pursuit of a calling to touch hearts and inspire others along the way.

To this day Living By The Stream® is still pursuing that calling. With years of experience now behind their belts, father and daughter focus in on the bond between faith, family, and honest, innovative music.

New Release!

The excitement of things hoped for but yet to come find their expression in the words and sounds of this new release by Sarah and Steve.  It captures some of that “eye has not seen nor ear heard” wonderment and anticipation we can sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed with.  So go ahead, take an excursion into that hope by listening to and enjoying Living By The Stream’s “Guiding Light.”

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