“Your music today told a story with every strum of the guitar and every draw of the bow over the violin.”

“Your arrangements are so beautiful and unique.”

“Seldom do musician’s capture the beauty of life, spirit, love and grace of life in the way Living By The Stream does.”

“Their talent & humility combined to make everyone blessed beyond measurement.”

Steve Dowell


Steve has been a guitarist just short of his entire life. Influenced by many music styles and guitarists during that time, his musical ear remains piqued for sensing and creating special and unique musical expressions he can infuse into the sound art he paints with his guitar. A guitar chord, rhythm or riff can fingerprint a song into indelible memory and this is what’s on Steve’s mind when he seeks to personally own any song or instrumental he creates or interprets.

Steve’s musical prowess was jelled into existence as a result of many experiences. His early years reveal him studying the piano, his first instrument, and studying the coronet soon after that. Percussive tones created by piano keys and brass melodies created with his own self-generated wind gave him a basic understanding and perspective of music and musical instruments. In his early teens Steve’s life was presented with a guitar and from it he never wandered. Studying both the Mel Bay guitar instructional series and the classical guitar, Steve took private lessons from music teachers who were professional musicians.

With inspiration from the contemporary music and guitarists of his youth, Steve organized with local area friends who played instruments and together they generated a number of different garage bands that performed in many venues and events. Since that time, Steve has played professionally with many musicians. He has also played with worship teams at churches he attended. Through these experiences and more, Steve’s musical abilities evolved and matured now producing the sounds of experience he demonstrates in playing and performing professionally today.

Steve characterizes his personal music style as a fusion of influences from rock, classical, jazz, rhythm and blues plus Christian worship and Christian contemporary. In the first “Living By The Stream” CD you can hear him generating anticipation, tension, contemplation, relief and joy with various chorded rhythm patterns, lead riffs and a classical guitar tag eclipsing the song titled “Life Awaits Me.” Also, with his engineering background and using professional recording software, Steve recorded the sounds heard in that CD. 

During 2021 he has been working on material for the duo’s second CD with the hope of completing the pre-studio composition work by the beginning of 2022. Steve would like to emerge into 2022 with new musical creations fully arranged and ready for studio recording and growing performance opportunities for sharing what both he and Sarah love to do.

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