Let us introduce a scene to you full of the beauty and serenity of God’s handiwork.  Needing a break from the day’s hectic activity, you take a walk near the riverbank.  It is a fine Spring day and you feel the fresh, active wind whisper past your ears.  Along the edge of stream you are met by row upon row of strong, vigorous trees.  Their roots form a tangled net twisting across the bank.   Doused in a film of green and braided deep into the water, they take hold of the river floor with a viselike grip.

In the same way, we as believers are to remain anchored to Jesus Christ with such a grasp.  According to the Bible, there are deep and magnificent blessings in living by the stream.  It brings life and prosperity to those who delight in God’s law.  Both the name of this piece and the title of the band were taken from Psalm 1 in hopes of revealing through music this awe-inspiring connection between Christians and the Creator.

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