There is a beautiful drive through the Rocky Mountains called Bear Tooth Pass.  Never having seen mountains of such magnitude, Sarah was caught in an unshakable state of wonder as she drove through the pass with a music ensemble in the summer of 2016.  The biting cold, spirited wind, the shifting shadows of clouds, and the majesty of these snow-capped, raw mountains made her feel the amazing might of God’s handiwork.  The experience moved her deeply, resulting in the lyrics of this song.

In the piece, she seeks to express the illumination she received from the God of the Rockies (i.e. the God of the Bible) and to portray the relationship between the mountains and their Creator.  The violin carries a resounding backdrop to the piece, inferring a panoramic view of this majestic mountain range, while the guitar drives home a symbolic picture of God’s thumb molding and carving out the Rockies at the creation of the world.

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