Living By The Stream is a professional string-based group, melding the sounds of violin, vocals, and guitar. The members highlight the performance of original compositions, but also play a wide variety of arrangements. 

Living By The Stream has been performing for several years at a variety of venues, including summer concert series, private events, churches, weddings, competitions, festivals, cafes, libraries, and more.

The ensemble enjoys incorporating and fusing a wide variety of styles in their performances, such as jazz, classical, bluegrass, Irish, as well as other genres.  They seek to bridge the gap between these unique genres, bringing listeners an enjoyable contrast of styles as well as an engaging and unique performance.

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Sarah Dowell

Sarah graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.M. in violin performance from Grand Valley State University. At GVSU, Sarah studied classical music under the leadership of Gregory Maytan (graduate of the Jacobs School of Music) and Megan Crawford.

Steve Dowell

Steve’s early years were spent growing up listening to music within the home.  His father was a skilled big band clarinetist, performing in bands alongside the likes of Patty Page and Anita Bryant.  It wasn’t long before Steve also discovered a love for music.

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“Seldom do musicians capture the beauty of life, spirit, love and grace of life in the way that LIVING BY THE STREAM does.”

– Rev. Stephen Reyner, Good Shepherd Church of the Brethren

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